Balneotherapeutic expert evaluation of the mineral water in the village of Ognyanovo

  The water used in hotel "ELEGANCE " Ognyanovo has a temperature of 42°C

  ● Information from the Ministry of Healthcare - National centre for physical treatment and rehabilitation in Sofia:
The mineral water is of class low mineralized and contains hydrocarbonsodium, siliceous and fluorine compounds.
The siliceous compounds activate the cellular protoplasm, have an antiseptic effect on the intestines and an antitoxic effect on the body.
The metasiliceous acid is in colloidal state and improves the structure, elasticity and color of the skin. It has a strong rejuvenating effect. It activates the process of ossification, plays a role in the normal exchange of phosphates and the development of bones,nails and teeth especially in children.
By the examined indicators, the water complies to the requirements of Directive 80/777/80 of the European Union.
 Drinking application / /:
    ⚬ Gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastritis gastroduodenites, ulcer disease, colitis, post-operative conditions;
    ⚬ Liver diseases and disorders of the bile: chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis cholangites, cholangio, post-operative conditions;
    ⚬ Renal and urological diseases: kidney stone disease, post-litotripsia, pyelonephritis, post-operative conditions;
    ⚬ Metabolic diseases: gout, diabetes;
    ⚬ People exposed to harmful substances: purify the kidneys and liver harmful substances accumulated as a result of harmful gases emitted from plants cars, smoking, etc..
    ⚬ Caries prevention for children and adults.
  External application / /:
    ⚬ Disease of the skin, hair, nails;
    ⚬ Disease of the musculoskeletal system: degenerative joint disease /arthrosis / inflammatory joint disease / rheumatoid arthritis infectious arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis /;
    ⚬ Traumatic orthopedic diseases: fracture diseases distorsio, luxations, disorders of the muscle and tendon, injuries of joints, postoperative conditions;
    ⚬ Diseases of the Nervous System: neuritis, radikulitis, plexitis, disc hernia and others.
    ⚬ Gynecological diseases: chronic gynecological inflammations of the female reproductive system / infertility, metritis, chronic adneksitis and others.
/ Senior Fellow Engineer L. Vladeva, Candidate of Chemical Sciences and Prof. Dr. Kristeva dms /
The information provided is derived from synthesized balneological expertise developed by National Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation-Sofia.

Protocol of control of the mineral water
Certificate of control of the mineral water